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M.A.X & Lloyd & IMAN

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Monstercat and Splice Announce SXSW Livestream Featuring Haywyre, Aero Chord, and More

The ability to live-stream events has undoubtedly redefined the landscape of dance music today, and Monstercat is taking full advantage of this incredible tool for their SXSW showcase this year. The illustrious label, home to renowned acts HaywyreAero Chord, and more will be teaming up with the revolutionary production platform Splice to give an unrivaled sneak peek at the sensational event.

The live stream will be hosted on Twitch, where viewers can take an in-depth look into a work-in-progress between Haywyre & Aero Chord. Known for their distinct approaches to future-based genres and styles, both Haywyre and Aero Chord will break down their latest collaboration for the entire world to see.

After their live stream, the showcase itself will host performances by the aforementioned artists along with labelmates RazihelAu5Grabbitz, and Orri. Check out the event fliers below and be sure to tune into the live stream of their epic new collaboration!

Tune into the livestream here!


Monstercat is celebrating the release of their latest compilation 021 - Perspective at the showcase as well, which boasts an unparalleled collection of talented artists. You can listen and purchase the compilation on iTunes and Beatport.

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