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Mord Fustang's 'Ultra Meat Freeze' VIP Updates a Classic

If you've been following the trajectory of EDM over the past several years, chances are you've found yourself asking the same question. Mord Fustang's celebrated return from his extended absence took the form of January's 9999 in 1, a debut album which served to cement the classic game-inspired style of electro house for which he grew popular in 2011 as his mainstay. Adding to the momentum, he followed up his new body of work with an update of one of his classics: a variation in production of 2011's "Super Meat Freeze."

Fans of the original won't feel alienated by the rework, although Mord Fustang notes that there have been several modifications to the original that are now found in the VIP. These edits include cleaner bass sounds, extra notes and lead bits in the breakdown, extra chops after the drop, re-defined high-hats, and as Mord says himself, "much remaster, many joy." Take a listen to the VIP of "Ultra Meat Freeze" below:

Before kicking off a tour in support of 9999 in 1 with a performance at LED San Jose on April 17, Mord Fustang can be found playing classic games on his Twitch channel

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