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EDM.com Spotlight

German Tech Company Develops App That Cures Tinnitus

German startup company Sonormed just debuted their latest app design, Tinnitracks, at this year's SXSW Accelerator competition. The app cures common symptoms of tinnitus which are perceived by the brain as ringing, hissing and roaring sounds. These symptoms are caused by abnormal hyperactivity in the auditory cortex of the brain as a result of prolonged exposure to loud music.

Here's how the app works. Once the show's over and the ringing in your ears begins, you can use the app to playback music that has been modified to no longer contain the frequencies that cause hyperactivity in the brain. Your music becomes therapy as it takes advantage of your brain's natural neuroplasticity to neutralize and stop the annoying sensation that's perceived as ringing in your ears. 

Sonormed has yet to release the app on the iTunes store, but the Tinnitracks website offers resources through which potential users can determine their "tinnitus frequency."

Photo credit: Fine Art America

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