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EDM.com Spotlight

Tokimonsta Performs With Her Heart's Beat

Critics of electronic music put stock in the claim that there is no soul or skill involved with a live performance. For some artists this is almost certainly the case; it's no secret that pre-recorded sets are out there. Others seize the opportunity to be in front of their fans and really captivate them by bringing their production to life, whether through live production, looping or live instrumentation.

Tokimonsta is one such artist who goes out of her way to bring her fans a unique live experience. At her recent SXSW performance, Tokimonsta used a noise-canceling, bluetooth stethoscope to incorporate her own heartbeat into her set. The beat was looped with a live-recorded vocal and mixed into her 2014 song "Steal My Attention." MTV caught up with her before the show, so check it out below!

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