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EDM.com Spotlight

TomorrowWorld's 'Dreamville' Has Some Camping Tricks Up Its Sleeve

In 2013, SFX brought their flagship European festival, Tomorrowland, stateside and the American music landscape was never the same. Dubbed TomorrowWorld, the camping event invites the world’s biggest dance music talent to Chattahoochee Hills, GA and transforms the southern foothills into a majestic wonderland full of alluring characters and fantastical amusements.

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One of the many highlights of TomorrowWorld is Dreamville, the official campground that is a spectacle all on its own. In the festival’s inaugural year, the site sold out with 30,000 eager dancers fit neatly into the village. In 2014, Dreamville sold out once again with 40,000 campers. This year, TomorrowWorld looks to make a three-peat while expanding the grounds to allow for more room per camper, as well as upping the population. In all, Dreamville stretches across almost three miles of Georgia farmland and holds more occupants than two sold-out nights at Madison Square Garden.

Campers have several slumbering options when they enter the grounds that range from the traditional to the luxurious. For those looking for a stress-free experience, Easy Tents are available, which are “prefabricated so you can just show up and you have your Easy Tent there with your air mattress and sleeping bag. It’s TomorrowWorld branded, which you can take home with you,” stated Joe Silberzweig, Marketing Manager for TomorrowWorld.

Similar to the Easy Tents, Dreamlodges are available for those looking for a more luxurious camping experience. The lodges are “safari style” tents that include a patio, chairs a locker, electricity and extra storage space.

New for 2015 are the Cabana cabins. These dutch-inspired domiciles make up a small community within Dreamville that perfectly blend comfort, luxury and convenience. Each cabana contains two beds, a plush mattress, linens, electricity and the security of a lockable front door.

Sometimes you just need to go all out and when opulence is knocking, TomorrowWorld Manors are the top of the mark. The private, fenced-in plots bring all of the amenities of a 4-star hotel to the music festival atmosphere in an elaborate tour bus that is fit for a rock star. Between the hot tub, a private bar and butler service, the TW Manors are their own vacation.

Dreamlodge and Cabana residents are welcome to indulge in Dreamville’s Montague Tent, which provides a little slice of serenity in the otherwise chaotic excitement of the festival. When it is time for a break, hop on over to the tent for “catered meals, massages, bars” and a relaxing lounge environment with plenty of shade from the hot Georgia sun.

No matter where you are staying in Dreamville, prepare to indulge in the great sense of community that gets started in the early morning with a new feature called Breakfast Beats. The attraction offers dancing, American-style breakfast foods, a boozy-brunch bar and all the right vibes to get your day started.

Plenty of supplemental features have been added to 2015’s Dreamville experience including an additional Marketplace for those staying on the opposite end of the site. The Marketplace has always been a meeting ground for campers looking to take advantage of the “salon and spa, fresh bakery, and different types of boutiques.” After you’ve stocked up on supplies, make sure to take advantage of the Dreamville activities, a great way to make new friends while having fun in the process. Classic favorites such as yoga, workouts, bocce, and speed dating, will return, and new activities will be announced in the coming months.

For the full Dreamville experience, make sure to show up the Thursday night before the festival begins to participate in “The Gathering,” the weekend’s inaugural party. Over 75% of Dreamville residents showed up for the pre-party in 2014 and the festival is looking to make proper adjustments to accommodate an even larger crowd this September. Although we can’t release any official details on the subject, our TomorrowWorld source has confirmed that some new surprises will soon be revealed for the 2015 edition of The Gathering.

There is so much to look forward to with this year’s Dreamville and that doesn’t even touch on all of the excitement contained within the festival. Don’t be the only kid on the playground that missed out on one of the world’s grandest dance music events and grab your tickets here.

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