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5 Amazing Acapella Covers of EDM Songs

Acapella is an enthralling form of musical presentation because of how creative performers get when attempting to emulate the sounds of instruments using their vocal chords. Acapella covers that dabble in the realm of EDM are especially enjoyable because the beats being created are meant to mimic synthetic sounds. Here is a list of the best EDM acapella covers that we’ve found on the internet. Prepare to be blown away.

Latch (Disclosure featuring Sam Smith) – Vanderbilt Melodores

“Latch” is Disclosure’s collaboration with Sam Smith that launched both parties into the stratosphere of celebrity. Trying to emulate Smith’s voice is no easy feat, but soloist William Woodard of the Vanderbilt Melodores hit it right on the nail. Performing at the All-Male Collegiate Acapella, this group truly impresses with their ability to recreate “Latch” so creatively.

Lights (Ellie Goulding) – Level

Ellie Goulding has a penchant for incorporating electronic beats with her vocals, and EDM producers love remixing her tracks. ‘Lights’ is a single with a ton of remixes, the most notable coming from Bassnectar. The group Level tackled this hit with their vocal spin, and it’s fantastic. Level is from Los Angeles and consists of Allie Feder, Rachel Saltzman, Mario Jose, Kenton Chen, Ben Bram, Dan Weidlein and Rob Dietz.

Titanium (David Guetta featuring Sia) – AaronicStuff and Astrid

Fans of acapella YouTube star AaronicStuff requested that he cover at least one “really popular song,” so he chose David Guetta’s “Titanium,” and roped his sister, Astrid, in to cover Sia’s vocals. The manner in which AaronicStuff creates his acapella tracks means that his performances can’t technically be reproduced in a live setting because he records the riff of each instrument individually before combining them into one song. Regardless, his ability to understand the components of the entire track and have it come together seamlessly, without instruments, is pretty awesome.

Royals (Lorde) – AcaBelles

Hailing from Florida State University, the AcaBelles performed a cover of Lorde’s electro-pop single ‘Royals,’ that went viral via YouTube.

Daft Punk (Daft Punk) – Pentatonix

Hailing from Arlington, Texas, Pentatonix is a group of five vocalists that went from winning NBC’s “The Sing Off” to earning a recording contract with Sony Music. Their most recent accolade was from the Grammy’s, as they won ‘Best Arrangement, Instrumental Or Acapella’ for their medley, "Daft Punk," which celebrates the sounds of the legendary French electro producers.

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