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EDM.com Spotlight

New Huawei Headphones Store Songs And Track Your Heart Rate

Headphone technology continues to advance with certain companies seeking innovative ways to make devices do more than just play songs. Huawei is one of those companies, and their latest headphones exceed the preconceived capabilities of contemporary headphones. The Huawei TalkBand N1 wireless headphones fall into the smart headphone family, functioning as a fitness and sleep tracker, a storage device for up to 1,000 songs and they are equipped with Bluetooth technology. Huawei also wants to market the audio device as a fashion piece, equipping each earbud with a magnet so that the two buds elegantly clip together. 

The TalkBand N1 headphones will go on sale in September and will be priced at $100. Watch the CNET video explanation below:

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Photo Credit: CNET 

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