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EDM.com Spotlight

Minimalogue Creates Synth with Rubber Ducks and Jelly Beans

The Knuckle Visualizer is a synth device created with unexpected children's items. A sound and animation experiment conducted by Korean motion graphics studio Minimalogue, the product has all the components necessary for a functional synth. The only difference is the switches and dials are made out of jelly beans and rubber ducks.

In explaining the inspiration for the Knuckle Visualizer, Minimalogue stated that “the idea was initially inspired from the Analogue Synthesizers design. And during the making of 'Knuckle Visualizer' we thought it might be more interesting to visualize retro sound from Analogue Synthesizer in artwork using different styles of artwork and design. We collaborated unilaterally with a music company called 'musicaroma.' This music company focuses on promoting internationally unknown foreign musicians and enabling them to get a copyright in Korea.”

See how they made the Knuckle Visualizer below:

[H/T Fact Mag]

Cover photo via Vimeo

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