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WTF Is This?: A Response To The Petition Asking To Boot Krewella From Summer Camp's Lineup

Dear Lily Bisbikis, 

Molly Hankins here writing you from the front lines of the West Coast EDM game. I saw your petition to have Krewella removed from the Summer Camp lineup, and I am curious as to why you singled them out of all the “EDM-er’s” on the lineup including A-trak, Destructo, Kill The Noise, Claude Von Stroke, Tchami, Big Gigantic and Paper Diamond, just to name a few.

I noticed on your FB profile that you’re a self-proclaimed “scamper” caught in the existential crisis of having DJ’s invade your traditionally jam-band-centric Summer Camp Festival lineup. I know it must be painful to see Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers sandwiched between Brodinski and Cherub. I also know the Internet is a place where it's easy to forget that people are real life human beings, which makes it very easy to promote hateful messages in the spirit of casual trolling. 

Despite this, I’m going to remember as I write this that you, Lily, are a human being, and I will attempt to make my criticisms positive. Allow me to quote a comment I pulled directly from a thread on your Facebook page: “I agree, it’s not the nicest thing and I’m not even that serious about getting them off the lineup.” You’re not? Were you just really bored or something? Perhaps you’re just someone who dabbles in light trolling and don’t fully understand why this is such a bad time for your little petition – let me give you some context.

Krewella used to be a trio with a producer named Rain Man. He had a problem with alcohol and ultimately had to leave the group. He then filed a lawsuit against  the sisters claiming he was forced out after getting sober. The Internet subsequently tore the group’s two remaining female members apart (#Whorella) spatting all kinds of psychotic nonsense about how they were talentless skanks who should burn in hell. As a woman in the EDM game, I have a lot of empathy for them. The music industry is a boy’s club, and it is very difficult to be taken seriously as 1. a woman and 2. even more so, as an even remotely attractive woman.

The Internet is ravenous for drama, and the EDM blogosphere eats up Krewella-dramz like popcorn with crack seasoning. And what perfect timing you have, the very week your petition started circulating, Rain Man made his post-Krewella comeback. He dropped ‘Visionary’ featuring Sirah, a track rowdier than a wookie after a 3-hour “Fire on the Mountain” jam. Now the Internet is going black forest ham yammering about how this release just proves Rain Man was the real talent all along, and Yasmine and Jahan are definitely talentless skanks who should burn in hell. Now the petition you don’t even care about starts gaining steam, and you’ve given the trolls a call to action. No one who’s actually attending Summer Camp is signing this; it’s just a bunch of hosers with nothing better to do. But look at you – you have less than 1,700 signatures left to meet your goal.

My goodness, you’ve come a long way in a very short time! On Monday, you were just a scamper with big dreams of getting your jam-fest back to it’s roots, now you’re living your 15 seconds of Internet fame. In the words of Krewella’s Jahan, “The way we participate in Internet dialogue mirrors our attitudes as a society…Please question your motives and the effects of anything you post. Impulses are unforgiving, and your words are powerful.” Indeed, they are Lily. I’d like to think that if you’d realized what kind of psychotic hate fire you were fueling, the kind of Internet discussion that seems to truly bring out the worst in people, you would have reconsidered your actions.

Whether or not you like Krewella’s music, as artists in the EDM world, they’re a symbol. No other female artists have achieved the level of commercial success they have, and your choice to single them out reinforces the notion that they’re somehow unworthy compared to their male peers. Maybe if you felt super passionately about your cause I wouldn’t feel compelled to call you out, but you admit you’re not even serious! I highly doubt most of the people who say Yaz and J deserve to rot in hell truly mean it, but they say it anyway! WTF, y’all?

What if I started a petition to boot you from Summer Camp? Lily Bisbikis  displays intolerance and deserves to have her ticket revoked. What if tons of kids out there were saying you’re the worthless skank who should burn in hell? The Internet is supposed to be a happy fun place where anything is possible, why is being awful to one another a form of entertainment? Let’s hear from Jahan one more time to close out my letter as the target of this maniacal hosery. She says it better than I ever could:

"I am not asking for sympathy. I am asking you to think about the impact this unwelcoming online environment has on our youth wanting success, respect and acceptance. Isn’t that what we all want?” For real though – you’re better than this Lily, we all are. I’m putting on some Yonder Mountain String Band right now just to show you and everyone reading this how tolerant I am."

Read More by Molly Hankins at: ifoundmolly.com

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