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EDM.com Spotlight

Australian Law Student Starts A Rave In The Library

Ever been shhhed in a library for talking? Imagine the piercing looks you'd get from bumping hardstyle EDM and breaking out into a full hardcore shuffle in the middle of a law library. In one of the most epic EDM pranks to date, this man starts a one-man rave in the middle of the University of Sydney's Law Library.

The self-proclaimed "EDM-Prankster," who goes by the name SlenderTheMan, is sure to strike again. Before this he broke out the Defqon.1 Festival theme in the lobby of the University of Technology Sydney. Props to you SlenderTheMan, we dig your music and your moves.  

Check out the hilariously awesome one-man library rave in the video below.

Track: Insomnia (Wild Motherfuckers Remix)

Cover Photo Credit: msstate.edu

[H/T: In The Mix]

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