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10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 45

Drops dirtier than your average dumpster.

10. Samplifire - Misty (Trilla Remix)

Hailing from Norway, Trilla is a 15-year old bass music producer that is just beginning to make some major moves. After working in coordination with Le Lion and Samplifire on “Asylum,” he has now returned with a shockingly large remix of the latter. “Misty” was already considered a worthy adversary before Trilla even got his hands on the original version, but the drops in this bulked-up revision contain more muscle than a World’s Strongest Man competition. To put it simply, this is the kind of grime that makes Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane look like freaking Justin Beiber. For those of you not as well-trained in the art of raging, I advise that you exercise extra caution while listening to this mental tune at loud volumes. Don’t let Trilla’s name slip your mind, unless you enjoy constantly being behind the dubstep curve.

9. Barely Alive - WEDABE$ (Ft. Splitbreed)

“Zombie Hunter” was when we last spotted the boys from Barely Alive getting into some musical mischief. Since then, the dynamic duo has kept themselves busy by linking up with Disciple Recordings for an outstanding three-track production. The WEDABE$ EP showcases one original tune, as well as two stellar remixes from 501 and PhaseOne. Standing tall as the lone dubstep song, Barely Alive basically uses “WEDABE$” to send a loud and clear, bass-related public service announcement. Coddling your eardrums with laser-themed synth work and growls fit for a gangster, these young professionals are clearly committed to designing compositions that cater to EDM’s rowdiest characters. In addition to both of the eye-popping drops, Splitbreed’s witty vocals complement the track perfectly. Just in case you forgot who is the best, Barely Alive is here to help you jog your memory.

8. Taurus Scott & SPHYNXX - Karate Class

Well, if you closely examine your ‘Dubstep Guide To Everything,’ you probably won’t find the name Taurus Scott in the index. But that’s ok. His saga has yet to be written. That being said, “Karate Class” is such a nasty tune that it’s capable of instantly converting any average joe into a legitimate black belt. When those raw and real drops begin to penetrate your epidermis, you can’t help but spring to your feet and scream ‘hi-ya’ while in the attack position. For those of you that know a ninja move or two, now would be the appropriate time to bust them out - if not for our sake, at least do it to protect yourself. Accompanied by SPHYNXX, another fresh name for your noggin, these two senseis put on an absolute clinic with this downright ruthless track. Please prepare yourself for a good old fashioned bass whooping.

7. Dark Elixir, TrollPhace, & Megalodon - Untitled

DarkElixir tracks are difficult to come by these days. DarkElixir collaborations with TrollPhace and Megalodon are essentially rarer than a four-leaf clover. Then again, it often amazes me how quickly music can get lost in the sands of time. There is little doubt that this song was manufactured years ago - you can tell from its components alone - but interestingly enough, it just recently saw the light of day for the very first time. When three of dubstep’s most well-established names decide to hop onto the same tune together, you better break out the chalk, because you’re going to be drawing outlines for an awful lot of dead bodies. Simply labeled as “Untitled,” the formidable drops in this nameless number will leave your body completely numb. Don’t be surprised if the feeling never returns to your fingers and toes. You have DarkElixir, TrollPhace, and Megalodon to thank for that.

6. Killabyte - The Resistance

Wow, well this is a side of Killabyte that we do not see nearly enough. Better known for much of his melodic dubstep material, Kyle Girard is quick to point out that he is far from a one-trick pony. With a wealth of phenomenal remixes already under his belt, as well as a couple of originals to boot, this producer continues to shatter the bass music mold. With nothing in this world holding him back, “The Resistance” presents us with some of this artist’s most terrifyingly brilliant drops to date. A music box melody opens the introduction and gradually transitions into powerful string patterns that spill over into one heck of a heavy drop. You’ll undoubtedly be left with some serious whiplash after your first go around, but nothing compares to the thrill of this tune’s enormous second wind. Just when you were convinced that this track couldn’t possibly go any harder, Killabyte does the unthinkable and lays down the hurt with round two. Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself.

5. Levi Whalen - Through Your Eyes (Carbin Remix)

Carbin is a newcomer that I’m looking forward to hearing much more from in the future. I won’t lie to you though, before listening to his electrifying remix of Levi Whalen’s “Through Your Eyes,” I wouldn’t have been able to tell you a single fact about this blossoming producer. Nevertheless, I’m promising you right here, right now, that this particular song will serve as the EDM universe’s official Carbin wake-up call. This musician is gearing up for the long-haul and you would be wise to hop on board before he blows up - it’s only a matter of time. Incorporating vocals from the original track into an unbelievably suspenseful introduction, when the first drop firmly places you in a bass headlock, it’s game over. The second drop delivers on more of the same, so you best be on your A-game if you plan on squaring off against this fire-breathing dragon of a dubstep tune. Stay on the lookout for Carbin, he’s got big things brewing.

4. Mantis - Fumes (Algo Remix)

Repeat after me, 'Algo is straight filth.’ Okay, say it again. And again. And you know what, why don’t you just go ahead and say that one more time for good measure. Thank you, now that we’ve made that abundantly clear, I think we’re good to go. Now, many of you likely recall Algo’s recent appearances on our weekly countdown with his massive tracks from the Goon EP. Those tunes were as frightening as they were violent. In a day-to-day struggle to one-up himself, this bonafide producer has effortlessly revived one of deathstep’s most infamous recipes. Remixing “Fumes” was a daring feat, but if anybody could accomplish it... it’s Algo. Plus, I have no doubt that Mantis would be the first dudes in line to vouch for these ridiculously disturbed drops. They’re mental. Clinically insane. Absurd beyond reason. Which is precisely why you should never sell Algo short.

3. KDrew - Signals (Dirt Monkey & Mark Instinct Remix)

When I uncover a song that features what I consider to be a lackluster first drop, I am often quick to dismiss the track as a whole. However, this tactic has definitely come back to bite me in the past - like with “Droid” from BAR9 and Datsik. Well, although it has taken me some time, I think I have finally learned my lesson. They say a book should never be judged by its cover, and clearly a bass music banger should never be evaluated by one drop alone. Helping make up part of the first official release on Good Game, this Dirt Monkey and Mark Instinct remix of KDrew’s “Signals” falls directly into the sneaky drop category. The first time around you’re greeted with trap horns and sturdy percussion, but when that second drop finally chimes in, it’s 100% certified dubstep. Bound together with commanding pulsations and captivating vocal chops, the second half of this tune packs in more intensity than a March Madness nail-biter. Never underestimate Dirt Monkey and Mark Instinct.

2. Truth - Look Around

Take a look around. No, seriously, look around. Do you see anything? No. All you can see is scorched earth for miles and miles? Awesome, that can only mean that the wizards from Truth are once again tormenting us with some tunage. Specifically, I’m referring to The Ark EP on Firepower Records. The six-track collection consists primarily of dubstep, but the duo does venture out of their comfort zone with pieces like “Berlin” and “Come To Mind.” Having said that, let’s be honest people, I’m here to talk about the money-maker. A song that literally laughs in the face of poorly manufactured dubstep creations. “Look Around” is so damn dark that it makes a spooky graveyard look like the inside of a children’s nursery. 2Pac’s recognizable vocal samples, string work dependent on middle-eastern influences, and devious bass that sends low-frequency vibrations through your entire town are just some of the incredibly intriguing elements that tie this five-star tune together. Nobody will ever dispute that Truth plays an integral role in deep dubstep's evolution.

1. Uncle Frank - Dance Instructor (Boy Kid Cloud & P0gman Remix)

All I can say definitively is that your ears are guaranteed to get more than they bargained for with this Boy Kid Cloud & P0gman remix. First of all, just those two names on the same track alone should strike fear into the heart of any knowledgeable dubstep consumer. That combo is straight up stupid. Another aspect of this song that jumps out at me right away is the killer vocals. Bass music nowadays has developed a habit of shying away from non-rap male vocals, especially on some the heavier stuff, so it’s really refreshing when I notice this style of vocals utilized to their full potential. On top of all that, the fashion in which these dubstep hotshots rebuild Uncle Frank’s “Dance Instructor” is truly impeccable. I genuinely don’t think anybody could’ve done a better job than these two immensely talented gentlemen. The proof is in the pudding people, listen and learn.

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