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EDM.com Spotlight

Rebourne Is Taking 2015 By Storm

Rebourne has taken the Hardstyle world by storm recently - in 2014, he saw bookings at the biggest festivals and parties, including Q-dance's iconic Defqon 1 Weekend Festival & The Qontinent, as well as bookings at the Street Parade in ZurichMonday Bar in Sweden, and even his own tour of Australia. His unique take on Euphoric Hardstyle stands out the rest through unconventional melodies, harmonics, and sound design, accompanied with hard-hitting kicks and full atmospheres and has been supported by the likes of Headhunterz, Frontliner and Kutski. 

Recently, Rebourne has been releasing like crazy, with collaborations with names like D-Block & S-te-Fan/DBSTF Wasted Penguinz dominating the Hardstyle charts, along with his own solo tracks. At the moment, he is also working on an anthem for an (at the moment) unnamed festival. 

I spoke to Rebourne about his artist career, productions, and plans for the year! Check it out:

(EDM = Alan Mandel ; R = Rebourne)

EDM: Hi Timon! Pleasure to speak to you. What new projects do you have at the moment? I see you just had quite the release come out with D-Block & S-te-Fan!

R: That’s right! Last year in May I started a track called Louder with D-Block & S-Te-Fan and it just got released February 23d on Fusion Records! Besides that I’ve been working on a lot of new solo stuff which I’m very excited about. Recently I’ve also been working in the studio with Wasted Penguinz on our third collab after F*ck Yeah and Sorrow. There’s a lot planned for this year so I can’t wait to show you all what I’ve been working on!

EDM: Great to hear. So, how did your career start? What is your musical background?

R: I’ve always been in love with listening and making music. When I was a kid I used to play guitar and that eventually transformed into making electronic music myself. About 7 years ago I started messing around with a demo of FL studio and after years of hard work my debut single was released on Fusion Records in November 2011.   

EDM: You have a very unique sound when it comes to Hardstyle - how would you characterize it?

R: I would characterize my music as euphoric and more trance-influenced hardstyle. I always love to make melodic tracks and try to create a certain atmosphere in them. I find it important to produce tracks that fit the dance-floor but are also suitable to listen at home.

EDM: What is the most important part of a Hardstyle track for you?

R: For me it’s a melody and lead-sound that create the atmosphere of a track, therefore I think that’s the most important part. Many people will say that the most important part is a kick, and that’s true considering a good sounding kick is the key to a good mixdown, but in my opinion just a kick wouldn’t make a track.

EDM: How did you discover Hardstyle? When did you decide to start producing Hardstyle?

R: I started listening to hardstyle in the summer of 2007. On youtube I saw some videos of Defqon.1 and I immediately fell in love with tracks like Headhunterz – Rock Civilization and Zany & DV8 – Nothing Else Matters. I kept searching for more and more and was really interested in how it was made. Around that time, a friend told me about FL Studio and it all went from there. I started trying out things and eventually I produced my first my first track.  

EDM: What does your studio look like? How many hours a week do you spend producing?

R: I have a pretty simple set-up actually. 2 Genelec 8040 BPM monitors, Acces Virus TI2, M-Audio KeyRig 49 and a simple M-Audio soundcard with a PC and Macbook pro. It varies, but I think I spend an average of 40 hours a week in the studio. Of course some weeks it’s more and some weeks it’s less.

EDM: Where do you see Hardstyle going this year?

R: That’s a difficult one.. It’s really hard to predict but I think the raw and euphoric sides of hardstyle will grow into their own direction. Currently in Holland you already see a lot of raw-only events happening which is also typical. It’s all still hardstyle but the differences are clearly there in my opinion. Euphoric is getting more melodic and accessible and the raw sound is getting harder and harder. Despite that I think the genre in general will keep on growing and spreading abroad.

EDM: Where are you taking your sound this year?

R: I’m trying to stay true to my sound but also improve my quality. I’m also planning to experiment more with different sounds and make a wider variety of songs. I’ve got a few interesting collabs planned, currently I’m finishing one with Crystal Lake. I would also love to collaborate with artists from other genres, that might me something for the future!

EDM: What advice do you have for novice Hardstyle producers?

R: Spend as much time in the studio as possible. Try to find your own sound, that’s the most important thing. Nobody likes an exact copy of something that’s already there. Work hard and don’t give up!

EDM: Do you have any words for the readers of EDM.com? Thanks, Timon! Great talking to you. Enjoy the year we at EDM.com are excited to see what you have planned.

R: Likewise! Thanks for the support and thanks for reading, have a good year!

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