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Tommie Sunshine Announces Birthday Celebration And Unique Collab 'High'

What does it mean to be different in dance music today? Artists left and right are continuously searching for the “next big thing” to build their career upon, whether it be the sounds of peak-time tween radio stations or the trends of monochromatic clothing that even Ozzy Osbourne might feel is “too dark.” With thousands upon thousands of new artists breaking into the scene every week, it’s becoming quite clear that the roads to success aren’t what they used to be, and that creativity behind these endeavors is what will bring these careers into the spotlight.

Amidst all the superficial attempts at creating a career in this massive and rapidly-changing scene, Tommie Sunshine continues to stand above it all. His diverse catalogue of releases and brainchild imprint Brooklyn Fire Records promote a “call to action” not commonly seen with other artists, and it is undoubtedly changing the landscape of EDM culture. His latest collaboration with Halfway House "High" [Presented by CraveOnline] is a perfect testament to his unique direction, as it aims to "incite a riot" amongst fans and listeners everywhere.

“House music was built upon the struggles and battles of black and latino people in the 70s and 80s, and I’d like to put that power of resistance back into dance music today.”

Riot House, as Tommie calls it, is the first step in this direction, as it includes all of the necessary elements for getting a riot started. The genre’s combination of electro, progressive, jungle terror, breakbeat, funk, and countless other music styles delivers a breath of fresh air to mainstages everywhere, and it is already gaining traction at festivals across the US.

When I performed at Life in Color, I dropped a few tracks that I had been working on in the realm of ‘riot house,’ and after seeing the monumental reaction it got from the crowd I knew that there was really something there.”

Both up-and-coming artists such as Zendex and Kandy and established acts such as Chocolate Puma have already distinguished themselves from the rest thanks to their high-energy and riot house-esque sounds, but Tommie plans to take this genre to the next level.

“Riot House is bigger than me, it’s bigger than the artists making it, it’s even bigger than EDM - it’s all about influence. If there’s anything I’ve learned about the power of dance music, it’s that it gives us the ability to express ourselves differently, and that's exactly what we're here to do."

Tommie will be premiering his special collaboration along with a handful of other ID's at his Miami Freak-Out Birthday Bonanza in Miami on Thursday, March 26th, which has only announced a few of its performers including 4B, Disco Fries, Reece Low, Uberjak'd, Wuki, and more, however rumors are quickly spreading that some big names will be stopping by to drop a few tracks. 

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