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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch Video Of Massive 13-Hour Rave In England

Before the days of massive lighting and production rigs, thundering speakers and intricate pyrotechnics, electronic dance music events were held in small warehouses and makeshift venues. These raves defined EDM before its mainstream acceptance in America, but police often shut down the events and deemed them illegal. The rave tradition continues, and one rave in England managed to be held without police intervention. 

In Heaton Mersey, a suburb of Stockport, a 200-person rave was held only a short distance away from a block of houses. The suburb's residents complained that authorities failed to shut down the event, which lasted 13 hours before coming to an end. Police reported to the scene shortly after the rave ended, and residents of neighboring suburbs, Cheadle and Edgeley, complained that they heard the music over the night. 

Watch Manchester Evening News report on the rave below: 

[H/T: Manchester Evening News]

Photo Credit: San Francisco Rave Arena 

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