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EDM.com Spotlight

Trumpdisco Talks 'Light Sticks' Remix, Forgetting Genres, And Musical Creativity

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Trumpdisco shatters genre-expectations as he continuously puts out unpredictable tracks one after another. This underground Australian producer gets his influences from drum n bass to electro to future house. In the past, Trumpdisco has remixed a wide range of artists such as Kanye West, Fatboy Slim, Diplo, and more.

EDM.com sat down with Trumpdisco to talk about his new remix of “Light Sticks” by Far Too Loud, his upcoming EP, musical creativity, and more. 

Let’s start off with your new remix of “Light Sticks” by Far Too Loud. How did you decide which direction you were going with?

Well it was a slightly different direction for me than I usually go. My earlier stuff you could say is a little bit more driving with heavier drums like electro. I was thinking trying to do more dance-friendly drums with more of a sound like futuristic deep house. I combined that type of music with my older sounds and this remix is what I ended up with.

For those who haven’t heard your music, how would you describe your innovative sounds? Who would you say you get your influences from?

I mean I like to approach every single song differently. I don’t think this is necessarily the best way from a marketing perspective to do what I do. For me creatively it’s just more interesting. So I think yeah I always try to do something different and new because the way I produce music, everything is uniquely created at the time. Different sounds end up coming out which help influence different directions.

Originally, Proxy was a huge influence on me, he pretty much took my love for drum n bass and combined it with electro and it was the exact kind of direction I wanted to go into. People like Justice, SebastiAn, and Noisia - their sound design is just incredible. The real head-banger stuff as well.

How has the Australian dance music scene affected your growth as an artist?

It’s influenced my sounds in a strange way because I’m not necessarily at the forefront of the Australian scene, as I would say that I developed in the underground of it, which has honestly been nice for me. It’s influenced me in a way to keep my style more underground versus putting out the type of music that’s popular over here. The Australian scene used to mimic a lot of the European stuff, now the American scene is starting to become pro-Australia.

How was your 2014 Third EP tour? Do you see yourself bringing your music to the U.S. anytime soon?

It was awesome. There was a lot more people dancing to my stuff than usual because I usually produce stuff for heavier types of audiences. It was nice traveling around Australia because I spent half the year in the UK. The Australian leg of the tour was definitely fun for me, I catched up with some old friends. It was also interesting seeing the way people reacted to my music in clubs. Very interesting.

Yes! I constantly get requests from people on my SoundCloud and Facebook asking for me to come to different American cities. That’s something that I want to do but it’s a very big endeavor, you can’t just pop over for one show. But yes it’s definitely in the targets at the moment.

Speaking of EPs, can we expect a forthcoming EP in 2015 or even a potential debut album release?

My manager wants me to make an album, but, I don’t know. I don’t think I will make a Trumpdisco album, as such. I don’t think my music warrants an album. I mean I could and maybe when I get a little older. It would probably be under a different alias but I’d like to try out a couple different areas.

EP wise I’ve almost finished the next one, so I’ve got two tracks ready. It won’t be a part 3 to Third though as the Third EP kinda rounded out my older influences. You’ll start seeing a lot of the newer sounds with my new EP. I’m just trying to find my niche at the moment in a weird kinda like future sounds, although that sounds like a bit of a cliché-type term to use these days. My next EP will help me get to that strange new area.

Can you tell us about any upcoming remixes or originals in the works?

I actually have a bunch of remixes coming out. I’ve got a remix for Crookers coming out pretty soon for one of their tracks off their latest album “I Just Can’t” featuring Jeremih. That comes out really soon, I think it went on promo last week. I also did some guys in Australia called Slumberjack, they’re doing really well. I mixed and mastered their latest Slumberjack EP, so I worked with them on that and then they asked me to remix their lead single off it.

Where do you see your style going in the future? 

I’m kind of aiming for futuristic, weird sounds. I really like what Jauz is doing right now, you can see the inspiration in my “Light Sticks” remix from his style. With my earlier influences, I want to produce a couple different sounds into a new type of genre. To put it in simplistic terms, I’m trying to position my new sounds in between Proxy, Noisia, and Jauz, as well as my own sounds. I also like to include dance-friendly drums in a way and merging it into the bass sound of dance music. 

Lastly, could you recommend a couple remixes and/or originals of yours for unfamiliar listeners?

That’s a hard question because I’m right now on the curve of changing my sound at the moment. The Far Too Loud remix is good to listen to in terms of which direction I’m heading. I think “Do You Want More of What You Came For?” is a staple track; I always play that in my sets just because it’s so weird and people like it. I went through my playlist of songs the other day and I’ve got around 80 tracks so there’s a lot of different stuff I’ve put out.

“I’m Da Best” is a remix I did a long time ago actually by Shunda K, that’s a good track. Kind of before the whole trap movement came about, I made that track with my friend when we tried to experiment with an electro and hip-hop type feel. It pre-dates a lot of the trap stuff coming out now.

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