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EDM.com Spotlight

Zedd Throws Epic Cave Party for Fans

Zedd is promoting his new album True Colors in a truly special way. During the recent SXSW event, Zedd sent his fans on a mysterious scavenger hunt. As fans ran around the streets of Austin looking for the six “Z” insignias and taking pictures to prove they were one of the first 50 to find them all, they had no idea what was in store for them. The 50 lucky fans that completed the challenge had to sign release forms before they were whisked away in limousines. As they rode along not knowing where they were headed, the fans were treated to purple skittles and purple drinks. 


The fans guessed they might be taken to the set of a music video or a venue prepped for a special private performance. They never would have guessed they'd find themselves inside one of the largest caverns in Texas. Interscope had turned the Longhorn Cavern State Park into a magical underground world of color.

Dreamy purple lights reflected off of the cave's natural crystals and bounced off jagged edges and curves. The lobby of the cave featured a luxurious lounge, full bar and dozens of waiters who served gourmet purple food. Finally, the fans were treated to a playlist handselected and played by the famed producer himself.  

Each song off of Zedd's upcoming album is associated with a color. We think you can probably guess which song and color of the album was debuted during this exclusive cave party, the first of 10 special events the producer is hosting for his biggest fans. 

Zedd will be surprising 50 fans in 9 more cities as a part of this ultra special and elaborate promotional campaign. For each song and color debuted, fans will be taken to a distinct location where they will be treated like royalty at a color-themed party thrown by the producer himself. Which color and city will be next? Stay tuned to EDM.com to find out!  

Photo Credit: Rob Sheridan

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