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Further Future Attempts A Non-Festival For Forward Thinkers

If it sounds strange for a festival to be invite only, feature obscure headliners and take place at an as-yet undisclosed location, that's because the organizers of Further Future Voyage 001 don't intend for it to be a typical festival. Robot Heart - the NYC music collective famous for curating a theme camp of the same name at the annual Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert - has invoked enough underground elements to draw the attention of party scene veterans while attempting to set new precedents on how the live music experience can be packaged.

"The word ‘festival’ has taken on some particular connotations in recent years, for better or worse. Further Future does not aspire to be a festival in this popular sense,” event organizers told the Las Vegas Weekly in a characteristically cloak-and-dagger email. “A Further Future event is a gathering of people with the common goal to spend time together celebrating the infinite possibilities of the future, without necessarily being shackled to the dictates of the past or the cycles of present-day society.”

The most mainstream name on the 60+ name lineup is Zhu, who himself boasts something of a reputation for non-marketing, but among the better-known artists slated to perform are Warpaint, Luke Solomon and Bob Moses. Watch a teaser released by Gypset, who will be curating one of the stages at the event below:

GYPSET | Spring at Further Future from The Eclectech on Vimeo.

As the Las Vegas nightlife scene remains the fastest-growing market for EDM live music entertainment, the advent of such an off-the-beaten-path event opens up interesting possibilities. Although both the LA Times and New York Times hastily dubbed it "the new Ibiza" at earlier points in the EDM explosion, the city has yet to develop a true underground scene as the vast majority of partygoers are visiting tourists. As mainstream exposure has propelled Burning Man to unprecedented popularity, the Robot Heart subset of its culture stands a better chance of breathing new life into the musical identity of the Las Vegas area.

“We have been privileged to experience at Burning Man, and in particular for us personally through Robot Heart, the uplifting power of a community coming together in a culture of deep mutual respect for one another and for the present moment," profess the organizers. "We have also in our own lives been drawn to and awed by great thinkers and dreamers, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs, who can see past the future and beyond the horizon. If we could bring such minds together in that environment, just think what amazing conversations and ideas we might witness and what new possibilities might be born!”

Although Further Future is invite only, the organizers make access codes for tickets available to attendees who contact them via their Facebook page with a short description of themselves and why they would like to attend the non-festival. Below is the official lineup for Further Future Voyage 001, which will take place from May 1-3 in the mountains outside the Las Vegas Valley.

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