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EDM.com Spotlight

Lace Up Trolls Famous DJs with "Body Shake" Video

Two female artists who go by the name Lace Up just released the video for "Body Shake (Go To France)," an intentionally cliché big room house track with vocals that poke fun at EDM celebrities. Lace Up has no official website and has only enough social media presence to have posted the video. The video turned heads nonetheless immediately after going live. 

What DJs did they make fun of? A better question would be what DJs didn't they make fun of. The lyrics consist entirely of exaggerated anecdotes about famous DJs accompanied by caricatures of the artists acting out each scenario, punctuated with the duo saying "Paris Hilton go to France" before each drop. Check out the viral parody video below. 

Aside from the photos of the drop-dead-gorgeous duo, Lace Up has yet to make any other information about themselves available. Stay tuned to EDM.com, and we'll provide you with all the details as they surface.  

[H/T: FAF Magazine]

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