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EDM.com Spotlight

Mat Zo Takes On Destiny's Child

Mat Zo has surprised fans with a hard-cutting bootleg of Destiny's Child's "Bug A Boo" that is free to download for your listening pleasure. 

For this remix, the British producer breaks away from his trance stylings a bit as he pushes a drum & bass vibe and infuses the vocals of the 90's pop group, reminding fans just how versatile and flexible Mat Zo is as a producer. 


In a 2014 interview with LessThan3, Mat Zo revealed his plans to make more drum & bass for the fun of it. "I don't want to try and pursue it as a career because I love it too much and I don't want to get jaded and end up hating it."

What inspired this particular remix? Zo announced to followers that he just "did a little bootleg for the hell of it." 

Pick up your free copy and take a listen to the bootleg below.