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5 Tracks To Get You Amped For Summer

When half your friends are coming home from SXSW and the other half are partying it up in Miami for MMW and Ultra Music Festival 2015, things may seem a little bleak for those sitting, wishing and waiting at home. But don't worry, we have you covered. Since Summer is right around the corner, we have hand-selected five tracks, new and old that are bound to get you pumped for pool parties and road trips this summer season. 

Generik - The Weekend ft Nicky Van She 

Australia's Generik has been making all kinds of noise lately with his summer single "The Weekend," a track that has received huge support from the likes of Steve Angello, Calvin Harris, Martin Solveig and more. Combining the standout vocals of Nicky Van She with an incredible bassline and an effortlessly stylish groove, the nu-disco cut is so lively, sexy and sophisticated that, in the words of Generik, "If you put 'The Weekend' on and you don’t want to dance, there’s definitely something wrong with your brain or ears." We couldn't agree more.

Calvin Harris - Pray to God ft. HAIM

It is difficult not to become smitten with every new track Calvin Harris throws our way, but the unexpected collaboration between the world's highest paid DJ and Californian sisters Haim, brings a whole new level of love for the producer and duo. 'Pray To God' will undoubtedly be an anthem for this year's festival season, while it's soft-rock core makes it perfect for easy summer listening, too. 

Skrillex and Diplo - Where Are Ü Now (feat. Justin Bieber)

The Jack Ü album has been the talk of the town for the thick of the last few weeks, and there are absolutely no questions as to why. The long-awaited Skrillex x Diplo album was packed with collabs from artists big and small, but the big-ticket features came from Aluna George, 2 Chainz and the one and only, Justin Bieber. Seeing Biebs on a track isn't always as appealing for Jack Ü fans as it may be to 13-year-old girls, but the unlikely collaboration has gained support from media and fans alike around the world. This track is ideal for kicking off the summer vibes.

Peking Duk ft. Nicole Millar - "High"

Peking Duk's "High" is one of those rare tracks that can be stuck in your head for months without going stale, and now that the U.S. summer is well on it's way, it's only fair that the Aussies share one of their tracks of the summer with the rest of the world. By now, you’ve probably seen the video of Peking Duk dropping Darude at Stereosonic, with the original upload boasting almost half a million plays. The video’s certainly gone far and wide, but the not-to-be-missed element of Peking Duk's sets is the moment they play "High," which immediately makes the crowd explode with enough energy to throw the earth off it's axis.  

ODESZA – “Say My Name (feat. Zyra)

"Say My Name" has been a favourite of ours since it was released, pushing that familiar ODESZA melody and those get-up-and-dance vibrations. When combined with Zyra‘s floating vocals, the track seems to shimmer, exuding simplicity and beauty that is utterly breathtaking. Set yourself up for warm nights under the stars with the twinkling sounds of ODESZA and Zyra. 

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