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EDM.com Spotlight

Festival Fashion Pro Tips 003

As EDM festivals evolve into full-scale subcultures of their own, the dance music community is becoming a lifestyle. Fashion, for example, plays a major role in the electronic music festival atmosphere, and as the 2015 festival season quickly approaches, EDM.com is proud to present the third episode of our Festival Fashion Pro Tips series. Staff writer Emily Hall will be curating a weekly catalog of festival fashions geared towards the avid dance music festival attendee. Each week, Emily will put a spotlight on three different fashion trends that are fundamentally designed to enhance the festival experience. 

Check out this week’s handpicked selections in our third installment of Festival Fashion Pro Tips: 

1) Fanny Packs 

[Price Point: $-$$$] 

A convenient trend dating back to the 80s, fanny packs are anything but out of style. Although a fanny pack may seem like a no-brainer for certain events, they are honestly the most practical and opportune article of clothing you could possibly consider for a festival. With theft being an unfortunate issue around festival grounds, having the ability to keep all of your valuable possessions front and center is truly the best feeling at a festival. Not only will you look fly, but when you decide to rock one of these bad boys, you know you're leaving the festival with all of your belongings.


If you’re looking to crank things up a notch, then maybe you should look into investing a little more into a fanny pack complete with built-in speakers so you can literally walk to the soundtrack of your life both in and outside the festival. Denoted Jammypacks, these products are both high-tech and uniquely fashionable with design selections ranging from a fitting disco theme to a spaced-out style that is out of this galaxy.

2) Oversized Tees

[Price Point: $$-$$$] 

If you're going for the “IDGAFOS” look, an oversized tee is right up your alley. This easy, breezy style is both minimalistic yet statement-making as an oversized tee can act like a dress for added edginess. Selecting which oversized tee alone can give you a plethora of options for your festival ensemble. And the best part is, anything goes with a tee! Whether you want to optimize your festie outfit with rare jewelry finds or another unique combo of accessories, you're tee will only look better and better. 


Festivals are one of the best places to rock an oversized tee because this outfit lets you party with no pants on. Just throw some spandex on underneath, and you’re ready to go. Another fantastic reason to resort to this effortless style is the limitless options of accessories that are available to your choosing. You could decide to showcase a striking pair of socks or simply go all out with a bold pair of kicks. No need to worry about scorching temperatures, oversized tees let in a refreshing breeze. And economically speaking, the oversized tee is relatively cheap. You can score one for next to nothing at a thrift store. 

3) Hair Dyes: Temporary & Semi Permanent Fun

[Price Point: $$] 

There's no better place to unleash your inner-unicorn, mermaid or fairy than at an electronic music festival. Dyeing your hair a vibrant purple, pink, blue or other bright color is the perfect way to express your spirit animal. Permanent dyes can do a number on your hair's health and shine, but temporary and semi permanent hair dyes are a great solution. With some temporary dyes washing out by the next wash and semi-permanent dyes lasting only about a month, women have the awesome ability to transform into a mystical creature for a festival adventure completely carefree.

Brands like Manic Panic are without a doubt the best option available as it is both vegan and low in cost. Simply plaster your hair in the color of choice, and within an hour or two you’ve got a bold and colorful head of hair. Another easy option is turning to hair chalk/pastels, which cause no damage whatsoever. A burst of hair color can enliven any festival outfit imaginable. Check out the DIY video below for trending hair-coloring tips.

Cover photo via Music Festival Central

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