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EDM.com Spotlight

Popular Word Game Adds EDM Terms

The board game Scrabble has entertained families, friends and drunken gatherings for nearly 80 years. The game's longevity is due in part to the constant addition of new words. With each edition of Merriam-Webster's The Official Scrabble Player's Dictionary, the classic board game adds more words to its list. For the recently-published 5th edition of the dictionary, Merriam-Webster added two music terms that have become everyday language to people around the world. EDM genre "dubstep" and vocal percussion style "beatbox" join the laundry list of newly-added, culturally-defined terms including bromance, buzzkill, selfie and others as viable words to beat your friends in Scrabble with. 

To honor the EDM genre's official induction into the Scrabble dictionary, listen to one of dubstep's biggest songs below, courtesy of Skrillex

[H/T: LaCrosse Tribune]

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