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EDM.com Spotlight

Beatport Finally Goes Mobile

Dance music giant Beatport just released an app for mobile devices that stands to change the digital music streaming game as we know it. The Denver, CO-based company has been around over a decade, and its history precedes the rise of smart phone culture. After its relatively recent acquisition by EDM conglomerate SFX Entertainment in 2013, a series of new services have been built into the original platform.

In addition to its sleek, seamless interface, the Beatport app also offers expanded software streaming services that might appeal to users looking for a free service with the continuous play feature of SoundCloud but with a more curated track selection. A small ticket icon takes you to "Beatport Shows," where you can also discover festivals, concerts and events near you. 


SFX Entertainment also just finalized agreements to make wireless carrier T-Mobile its official charter partner. All music streamed through the service by T-Mobile customers will not accrue data charges as part of its "Music Freedom" campaign.

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