EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Sable Gives Hermitude Track A Futuristic Remix

Australia has become a hotbed for innovative electronic dance music. Flume, Slumberjack, Just A Gent and GRMM are just a handful of the influential producers hailing from the land down under. We're looking forward to watching another Aussie up-and-comer, Sable, as he attempts to make his own waves, particularly in the rapidly-growing genre known as future. Sable would be joining the likes of other future artists such as Skrux, Mr. Carmack and TroyBoi in continually defining and expanding the relatively new genre. 

Sable draws inspiration from his signature high-pitched vocal splices and synths. His latest remix just goes to show that this is one producer you want on your radar. EDM.com premiered his remix of Hermitude's "Through The Roof," and it deftly balances between the original track's sound design and Sable's uncanny producing techniques. 

Listen to Sable's "Through The Roof" remix below: 


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