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EDM.com Spotlight

5 Movies Every EDM Fan Must See In 2015

Let's face it, EDM is hot right now. It was only a matter of time until it seeped into pop culture. And seep it has, in a big way. Several upcoming flicks feature stories that stem from the world of electronic dance music. The new trend in cinema is a reflection of the extensive impact of electronic dance music.  

If you want just a little more EDM in your life, we recommend keeping an eye out for these new movies:

1. We Are Your Friends 

Slated to release this year, "We Are Your Friends" is the story of a young DJ who is trying to hit it big. Alesso stepped in to give the movie some authenticity playing the mentor of young DJ Cole Carter (Zac Efron).  

2. Entourage

The hype has been real over the "Entourage" movie. Our radars went off when we heard that Calvin Harris was selected to play an acting role in the feature film. Fortunately, we don't have to wait long. "Entourage" will be coming to a theater near you in June!

3. EDEN  

"EDEN" aims to recount the rise of electronic music in France. More specifically, it tells the story of Daft Punk's humble beginnings preceding their grand success. The film received limited release at festivals last year but is slated for a full release in the near future.

4. Enter the Dangerous Mind 

Released at film festivals last March, "Enter The Dangerous Mind" takes a slightly different angle. The flick tells the story of a shy DJ who uses his music to control underlying problems until something goes terribly wrong. You can feel the suspense just watching the trailer for this EDM-themed psychological thriller. 

5. The Drop: The EDM Culture Explosion

"The Drop: The EDM Culture Explosion" is an upcoming documentary that will explore electronic music's recent meteoric rise, and what this means for the future of the music genre. It will feature input from names such as Moby and Avicii. You can head to the official site for more information.


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