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EDM.com Spotlight

Krewella To Debut Live Instruments At Ultra

Krewella has been subtly teasing this surprise for weeks. Now, it's finally official! Krewella will be debuting a new live setup featuring a drummer during their performance at the 2015 Ultra Music Festival on Sunday, March 29th at 6pm on the Live Stage. Two years ago, the Chicago-based EDM group premiered live vocals during their Ultra set. We can only expect this year's show to be even more explosive! 

As Krewella fans were trying to connect the dots, an Instagram post from drummer Frank Zummo offered the confirmation they were waiting for. Zummo is one of the founders of the world-renowned LA drum and percussion show Street Drum Corps, which was formed in 2004. All it took was one photo and a couple of hash tags for the drummer to send Krewella fans into a frenzy. The hype for their performance on Sunday is now Ultra real. 

Check out the Instagram from Zummo that leaked the surprise below: 

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