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EDM.com Spotlight

Mashd N Kutcher Collabs with Pizza Guys, Flight Attendants and Coffee Makers

As electronic acts have taken the world of live music by storm, artists are seeking ways to differentiate their stage shows from the rest by incorporating live music elements. Brisbane-based Mashd N Kutcher (MnK) is a great example, but it's no gimmick. These two Australian musicians draw from their experiences as a metal drummer and a classically-trained pianist. What you might call a gimmick, on the other hand, is how they get some of their samples.

In addition to videos showcasing their genre-bending stage performances, MnK releases videos of themselves taking samples from unconventional sources to use in productions. 

In one such video, the duo orders a pizza online and writes "COLLAB BRO???" in the special instructions field. Upon the delivery man's arrival, they take an audio sample of his voice saying, "3, 2, 1, jump," and have him play a simple progression on a keyboard which they eventually use as the bouncy synth lead of a new track. In others, they sample a flight attendant, a coffee maker and even an electric toothbrush! Their antics even drew the attention of Inside Edition; check out the feature below: 

WOW!!! just got featured on CBS's Inside Edition in NY!!!Still gotta give props to the amazing pizza guy for the collab.. you're a star!!

While it doesn't take an audio mastermind to do what they do with samples, it's hard to deny what MnK brings to the table musically. From incorporating a Novation Launchpad into their live show to seamlessly mixing songs from Linkin Park to Aerosmith, it's clear that their viral videos wouldn't accomplish as much if the product wasn't worth the hype. 

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