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EDM.com Spotlight

Afrojack Talks Bridging The Gap Between EDM And Hip-Hop

In a recent interview with Steve Lobel, Afrojack has revealed his desire to delve deeper into hip-hop orientated collaborative projects with some of the world's biggest urban artists. Afrojack has already worked with stars such as Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, Ne-Yo, Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown, and his latest objective aims to further his fusion of Hip-Hop and EDM.

When asked of who he would love to work with, Afrojack replied "There's a couple actually, Missy Elliott... I'm in touch with her. Kanye... I'm in touch with Rihanna since last Superbowl.”

Despite his status within the dance music world and his relationship with the artists, he didn't fail to mention the difficulty of having his songs noticed. "I would love to work with her [Rhianna] but first things first, I need to get her to just listen to some shit."

In a bid to create that one song that has the potential to be picked up by one of the queens of the scene, Afrojack admitted he has spent around 16 hours a day for around 30 days working on new musical projects.

Steve Lobel, the American music manager, producer and reality television personality continued to probe Afrojack on everything including the differences between the music scenes in the United States and Europe, personal inspirations, and his hometown.

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