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EDM.com Spotlight

5 Accessories EDM Fans Can't Live Without

EDM fans are some of the most tech-savvy music fans out there. One thing is for sure, we know how to use our resources to make our lives a litter easier, healthier and - of course - a little bit more fun. 

Money doesn't buy happiness, but it can certainly buy some pretty cool things. None of the items below will change your life, but there's a good chance they'll enhance your EDM lifestyle. Here are five items we recommend for any EDM fan. 

1. Good Portable Speakers

Portable speakers are one of those products that are great in theory, but too often the quality just doesn't match the hype. If you're willing to spend a little money, consider going for a Bose SoundLink Speaker. They cost about $200, but what you get in return is a bluetooth and aux capable device that sounds clean instead of tinny.

2. A Portable Battery Charger

If your phone is anything like mine, it tends to die at the most inopportune times. Getting lost in a sea of people at a festival can be fun... until it's over and you need to find your ride. Avoid the complications that come with reconnecting sans technology and keep a portable charger handy. For $50, you can snag a Mophie battery charger for iPhones that conveniently hook on to your key chain and provide up to 50% battery when your phone is in the last throes of life.


3. GoPro

These tiny little cameras let you rock out without having to think about much else. Capturing the crowds reactions to incredible sets, and even just recording all the weirdness that is always bound to happen during music festivals is made incredibly easy with a GoPro camera. The versatility of these little gadgets permit you to record and take pictures from the tops of totems, by attaching it to a headpiece, or even strapping it to your chest. Although GoPros do not tend to be the cheapest, their Hero brand runs for only about $130.


4. Earplugs

Most people understand that it's important to protect your hearing, and we all know that we should have ear plugs in. But let's be honest - we want to hear the music as well as possible, so we opt to ditch the plugs. The solution is simple: invest in a pair that are high fidelity, such as EarPeace. You can get a decent pair for under $20, or you could go the route of custom fit plugs. They will cost you a significant amount more, but will be much more comfortable and effective.


5. Hydration Tabs

Hydration is key to having a good time at a club or music festival. Dancing all night or all day in the sun takes a toll, and it's important to make sure you're taking care of yourself. Nuun hydration tabs are great for this purpose. Packed with key vitamins and minerals, these tablets flavor your water while boosting your body's ability to stay energized. All you do is drink a Nunn the next day, and you're good to go for round two!

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