EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

The EDM Network // Artist Intelligence Agency is Hiring A&R Agents

If you have impeccable taste in music, a desire to develop powerful & lasting relationships in the music industry and are looking to showcase your taste on one of the largest music promotional platforms in the world, then consider joining the premier team of tastemakers at The EDM Network!  With over 4M+ subscribers, curating a channel as one of our A&R positions you to play a pivotal role in supporting and driving the success of the artists and music you love.

Agent Responsibilities:

-       Curate the musical selection for a network channel through both A&R outreach and inquiry management
-       Develop and nurture relationships with labels, managers, and artists
-       Interface with The EDM Network – Content Publisher in order to have your curated content promoted across the Network
-       Work closely with The EDM Network - Label Manager to sign and license musical content

Ideal Agent Qualities:

-       Possesses an infinite curiosity for discovering and sharing new music
-       Approaches music discovery as a way of life, and an obligation to the community
-       Represents themselves professionally through both email, Skype, and phone correspondence
-       Demonstrate strong Relationship Management abilities - desires to build close relationships with artists and take a role in helping to guide their career (this includes providing relevant feedback on new music)
-       Takes initiative and has a strong desire to prove themselves in order to advance and excel within the industry
-       Comfortable with receiving increased exposure and attention as a genre, style, or industry tastemaker
-       Desire and ability to develop a cohesive vision for their channel, and possesses a strong interest in guiding the development of emerging genres of music

We are Currently Seeking Agents for the Following Channels:

-   Deep Sounds
-   Future
-   Chill
-   Indie Dance
-   Pop
-   (Feel Good/Summer/Tropical House) - Will be launching soon!
-   (New Hip-Hop/R&B) - Will be launching soon!

If you think you would be a good fit for any of these A&R Positions, please submit an application here: http://bit.ly/19BPaJd


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