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Australian Teen Makes Bank Throwing Underage Raves

Melbourne 17-year-old Nick Stokes reportedly earns up to $1,200 a night throwing parties for underage ravers. The media has compared the teen to Corey Worthington, another Australian teen who gained notoriety for hosting an out-of-control party at his parents house which inspired the movie Project X, but Stokes has since become vocal about how he's different from Worthington.

“People have compared me to Corey Worthington but I don’t want to be associated with him," Stokes told the Herald Sun. "He’s not on my level. I’m much bigger than him. I’m the best at what I do.”

Now in his mid-twenties, Worthington has used his rising stardom to start a promotional company called "Not Sorry Entertainment." Stokes, on the other hand, already enlists security and venues, paying out each participant involved before taking home his profit.

Check out the news report featuring an interview with Worthington shortly after he threw the wild rager that put him on the map in 2008: 

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Photo Credit: Mark Stewart

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