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EDM.com Spotlight

Zedd Throws Intimate Desert Party

The second installment of Zedd's incredible True Colors album promo has come in the form of a desert party with 50 lucky fans that won entry through a scavenger hunt in Los Angeles

For those still unaware, Zedd is marketing his new album in a completely new way. Each song in the tracklist is associated with a color, and for every song, he is throwing a color-themed, exclusive party in 10 different cities for 50 fortunate fans. To be in the running, fans must take part in a mysterious scavenger hunt, where they have to find six "Z" insignias with photo proof that they were one of the first 50 to find them all. The winners are then whisked away in limousines or buses to a unique location where they get the royal treatment at a private listening party with Zedd himself. 

For the first event, fans scavenged in Austin and were then taken to the largest cavern in Texas for an exclusive purple-themed cave party they would never forget. This time around, fans scavenged in in Los Angeles and were then taken to the middle of the Mojave Desert. The theme for this party was fittingly the color orange for his production "Straight Into The Fire." 

To kick off the party, Zedd ignited a giant wooden 'Z' burning-man style, and proceeded to debut an unmastered version of "Straight Into the Fire" to the lucky winners while they feasted on barbecue and orange beverages and hung out with the EDM star. 

"This is the song on the new album that sounds the closest to what people would expect me to do — it has that huge vocal that makes you want to cry, in a great way," Zedd told Mashable. "To me, certain things sound a certain color. A lot of reverb will always sound cold, which will always make me think blue. On this song, the drop is very energetic and very aggressive, kind of like fire, too, so this one was super easy to pick orange." 

While the next installment remains unannounced, there is no doubt it will be just as spectacular as the previous two extravagant celebrations. 

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