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EDM.com Spotlight

Company Plans To 3D Print Free Rain Shoes At Music Festivals

Music festivals continue to captivate music fans year after year, but sometimes Mother Nature can impede our enjoyment of a festival. Rain poses a tricky problem, particularly in how it can turn grass and dirt into mud, putting attendees' feet in the trenches. For festival-goers hitting up U.K. events this year, ticket company Skiddle has devised a way to help out your feet and your overall festival experience.

Skiddle will work to give away over 10,000 pairs of Welly shoes in the coming months, using 3D printers to print each pair in less than 30 minutes. This "Give It Some Welly" campaign will hit such festivals as Creamfields, Isle of Wight and Leeds & Reading Festival this summer. Check out the 3D printer and Welly shoe design below:  

[H/T: Mixmag

Photos via skiddle.com
Cover photo via mirror.co.uk

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