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Festival Fashion Pro Tips 004

As EDM festivals evolve into full-scale subcultures of their own, the dance music community is becoming a lifestyle. Fashion, for example, plays a major role in the electronic music festival atmosphere. As the 2015 festival season quickly approaches, EDM.com is proud to present the fourth episode of our Festival Fashion Pro Tips series. Staff writer Emily Hall will be curating a weekly catalog of festival fashions geared towards the avid dance music festival attendee. Each week, Emily will put a spotlight on three different fashion trends that are fundamentally designed to enhance the festival experience.

Check out this week’s handpicked selections with influences from 90s grunge in our fourth installment of Festival Fashion Pro Tips: 

1) Flannels

[Price Point: $$-$$$]

While this trend may seem a little out of place at an outdoor music festival, flannels are surprisingly a great addition to your festival wardrobe. Flannels are an easy way to get a classic 90s look, especially 90s grunge. Simply throw on a pair of denim shorts and a plain tank top or crop top, and then tie the flannel of your choice around your waist. Styling yourself this way allows you to run around the grounds carefree, as you know you have an optional cover-up once the temperature starts to drop. You'd be hard pressed not to find this look all over Coachella Music & Arts Festival and Governors Ball in New York City.

Flannels are both durable and easy to wash, so you can't ruin them even when you're raging the night away. They are also extremely versatile and make it easy to mix and match. You could wear the flannel as a jacket, skirt and even a dress if it happens to be oversized. The best part about the flannel fad is that you seriously don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a worn out, old-time flannel. Just head down to the nearest Salvation Army or Goodwill where you'll be able to find a wide selection of vintage flannels for the cheapest price imaginable.

2) Chokers & Collars

[Price Point: $-$$$]

Choker necklaces have gone in and out of style for generations. While at one point they were considered tacky and basic, the choker necklace is coming back in style once again because of the way they instantly infuse a grungy edginess. The last resurgence of choker necklaces was in the 90s. Collars with spikes or tags also gained popularity during this time, establishing this hard and angst-ridden look as the official style of the 90s. Not only are most choker necklaces extremely cheap, but they’re also easy to make on your own. Check out the DIY video to make your own choker with a charm below.

Chokers come in a wide variety of styles. Some have charm attachments, crystals or pendants. Some are full-out rainbow tattoos, and others are like thick collars. Not only are chokers big statement pieces, but they are so comfortable to wear that you won’t even realize it’s there. Layering several chokers at a time is also a popular trend for festie wear. At most camping festivals, you’ll find many people walking around the camping area with hand crafted jewels and pendants for sale. Laying a cord choker with a quartz on top of a black choker or a ribbon necklace will give you a mystical festival finish with little to no effort. Websites like Etsy sell hundreds of options with reasonable price tags, giving you endless options when making or finding your own choker necklace.

3) Platform Shoes

[Price Point: $$-$$$$]

Platforms had their longest and most prominent run in the days of disco. Like gogo boots, platforms went hand-in-hand with club wear. These dramatic heels disappeared from the fashion scene for a few decades, but they are making a strong comeback. Now, fashion-forward and bold trendsetters are rocking platform sneakers and sandals like they never went out of style. Whether paired with an oversized tee, knee high tights or even plain leggings, platform shoes are perfect for nailing the 90s festival look.

Brands like YRU create platform shoes that are designed with ravers in mind. Major EDM retail outlets like iHeartRaves have begun to carry YRU due to their on-point shoe selections. YRU’s one-of-a-kind rainbow platform sneaker with unicorn horn carries a magical vibe that will bring your festival outfit to the next level. This brand also sells a platform sneaker geared towards the disco diva with a platform design covered with a mirror mosaic. They even fashioned a pair of platform sandals with the same letter beads ravers use to create kandi bracelets, cuffs and masks. Platforms will put a bounce in your step and give you a few extra inches to stand out and see over the crowd. 

Cover photo via Racked

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