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Ratatat Sampled on New Kid Cudi Track 'Love'

Kid Cudi just broke his extended musical silence with "Love," a melodic, lyric-driven song featuring samples from a Ratatat track. Kid Cudi's producer and WZRD bandmate Dot Da Genius pulled samples from Ratatat's "Sunblocks" from their 2010 effort LP4.

The harmonized instrumentals from Ratatat's original are immediately apparent under Kid Cudi's crooning vocals, and they fit well within the framework of the song, which evokes the same feelings as 2010's "Pursuit of Happiness." The two camps already maintained friendly relations having previously worked together on "Day 'n' Nite" in 2009, so Ratatat's approval of the samples' use was a no-brainer.

"Love" stands out as the first release from Kid Cudi's long-awaited album Man on the Moon III, which he has claimed will contain the best work of his career. Ratatat is scheduled to begin a new tour starting with a live show at Club Brady in Tulsa, OK on April 4.

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