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Martin Garrix To Play Birthday Party For Justin Bieber In Las Vegas

Many consider Las Vegas to be the Americanized Ibiza, complete with sprawling nightclubs, prestigious residencies, and the 24/7 party atmosphere. Due to the city's reputation, it comes as no surprise that Justin Bieber is celebrating his 21st birthday at the city's OMNIA Nightclub, a new club put on by the Hakkasan Group

To make the affair even more celebratory, OMNIA nightclub will also host a set from Martin Garrix in the main room. The two fall under the management umbrella of Scott Braun, and it can be assumed that the two parties will converge during the course of the night. OMNIA Nightclub will open om March 13, while Bieber's birthday bash will take place the following day on March 14. 

Watch OMNIA's Martin Garrix video below:

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