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EDM.com Spotlight

YouTube Launches New Streaming Platform Music Key

Is YouTube's latest music app giving Spotify and other streaming services a run for their money? The go-to video platform has been the ultimate destination for anything visually entertaining, yet in recent efforts, YouTube has introduced their music streaming platform which addresses several issues other streaming platforms unfortunately experience. Music Key, the Google-owned music app, aspires to be the ultimate streaming platform.

Say goodbye to the days of accidentally pausing the music in the car as you lock your phone when using YouTube. This out-of-app experience allows users to keep the music going 24/7. Listeners can also say sayonara to advertisements. It is, without a doubt, the worst obstacle one must face when trying to get down to some tunes and then an advertisement comes along and annihilates the vibe.

Automated playlists can be achieved as long as users utilize the 'Music' tab, which gives users the ability to customize playlists and wander down a never-ending stream of unpredictable tracks for the avid listener. Not only does the Google app provide conveniency to the consumer, but the app includes a free subscription to Google Music, unlocking hundreds of thousands of tracks at the touch of your finger tips.

Music Key is offering a free six-month subscription to their service, with a follow up monthly payment of $10. You can download the app here.

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