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EDM.com Spotlight

Bonnaroo Co-Founders Share Festival Secrets in Reddit AMA

Reddit AMA has evolved into a popular channel for artists and festivals to connect with fans. Artists like Eric Prydz to Insomniac’s CEO, Pasquale Rotella, to the organizers of New York’s Governor’s Ball festival have all participated in their own AMA’s, answering fan questions about everything from forthcoming music to festival trade secrets. The co-founders of America’s iconic Bonnaroo Festival, Jonathan Mayers and Kerry Black, recently participated in a Reddit AMA of their own, fielding questions about festival additions, artists that declined headlining spots and artists that the festival tried to book, among others inquiring about inside info. 

Mayers kicked off the AMA by letting everyone know that the This, That, and Other tents will be receiving screens this year, a much-needed improvement that comes as a relief for Bonnaroo attendees. From there, Mayers and Black opened the floor and tackled questions ranging from live streaming to what attendees can expect with the highly-anticipated Superjam.

Highlights from the AMA include: 

- Both Prince and The Grateful Dead turned down headlining spots at this year’s Bonnaroo
Jack White has been approached about hosting a Bonnaroo SuperJam and organizers say, “Whenever [he] is ready! We have discussed before of course and hope it will happen one day.”
Re higher ticket prices: “Over the years, we've worked hard to keep ticket prices as reasonable as possible while striving to produce an amazing experience. Each year we try and raise the bar and with that comes increased expenses. The increasing number of festivals has created more competition for talent which increases talent fees. We believe the pricing is still a great value for a 4-day, around-the clock camping festival.” 
- More additions of bands, activities, and comedians can be expected in the coming months
No comment on Kanye’s performance last year
- The 2016 lineup for Bonnaroo is already in the works!


The 14th Bonnaroo will be taking place June 11-14th, 2015 in Manchestar, TN. Check out the aftermovie from Bonnaroo 2014 to get pumped about this year's festival!

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