EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

EDC Las Vegas Offers The Ultimate VIP Experience

The official lineup hasn't even been released yet, and the hype for the 2015 Las Vegas edition of Electric Daisy Carnival has already mushroomed. General admission tickets are sold out, but VIP tickets are still available for those wanting to reunite under the electric sky with fellow ravers. Not to mention, Insomniac is giving ticket stragglers even more reasons to take the VIP route this year. 


On top of enjoying the perk of quick entry into the fest, VIP ticket holders can look forward to new and improved exclusive access spaces. Insomniac is expanding their VIP only elevated decks into cosmicMEADOW this year, as well as kineticFIELD and circuitGROUNDS. Designated VIP areas will feature entertainment of their own including photo booths, body painting, complimentary appetizers and - of course - ball pits.

VIP pass holders also have special access to hot spots throughout the speedway, which make it easier for you and your rave fam to make the most of your EDC experience. Not sold yet? We'll just leave you with this little ganache... VIP guests can make reservations for an EDC-themed, three-course gourmet meal. 

Purchase VIP tickets for EDC Las Vegas 2015 here.

[H/T: Insomniac]

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