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EDM.com Spotlight

SFX Entertainment Introduces The Virtual Festival

"Millennials are an experience generation, they want you to take them somewhere totally unique."
- Joe Silberzweig, SFX Entertainment

We wouldn't have electronic dance music, of course, if it wasn't for technology. But whether technology, at this point, continues to add or take away from the EDM culture is an interminable debate. No matter what your take is on the state and future of the scene, we can accredit technology for bringing EDM above ground and into the mainstream spotlight. A recent article by The Huffington Post points to another way that technology is expanding the culture as it allows fans to experience epic electronic dance music festivals from the comfort of their living rooms. 

"It's not just recreating the experience, it's taking them places where no one gets to go."
- P.J. Morreale, Senior Director of Operations at YouVisit

"Technology has grown to play one of the most important roles in the festival experience. From lighting to visuals to live streams, it has added an entirely new dimension to live performances."
- Hardwell

Electronic music will always maintain strong ties with technology, but SFX Entertainment in partnership with YouTube is taking this synergy to the next level. Joe Silberzweig of SFX explained that the partnership stemmed from a desire to bring the festival experience to dance music fans everywhere and - boom. The concept of the virtual festival was born. SFX turned to the leading virtual tour startup - YouVisit - to find the technology that would evolve the online festival experience. YouVisit developed a custom camera rig that allows them to capture high definition, 360-degree photos. Thanks to this technology and the partnerships developed with YouTube and YouVisit, SFX is opening the door to a new era of music experiences. 

Imagine a world where you can relive any festival moment in high definition photos or take a virtual tour of a festival to see if the vibe is ripe.  

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