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EDM.com Spotlight

Staff Picks: 5 Favorite Songs Of The Week Vol. 18

Every week, a member of the EDM.com team collects a list of their favorite tracks from the last week. This week, Tommy Tsao has curated a house-heavy selection with tracks from a number of up-and-comers such as Nigel Good and Justin Jay, as well as established acts including Kaskade and EDX

Here are Tommy's 5 favorite tracks of the week:

1. Louis Vivet - Save Tonight (Nigel Good Remix)

Louis Vivet’s homage to the Eagle Eye Cherry classic gave new life to the timeless fan favorite. “Save Tonight” was a melodic, orchestral anthem, which seamlessly mixed harmonizing vocals with its driving synth progression. Nigel Good’s treatment adds an additional layer of sonic depth, integrating new elements of progressive house best described as a combination of “space, melody, air, and glitch”. The track is available for a free download, so make sure to grab your copy now.

2. Late Night Alumni - The This This (Kaskade Remix)

Spearheaded by Becky Jean Williams' sultry vocals and John Hancock’s technical prowess, “The This This” ushers in a new era of artistic creativity from Late Night Alumni. The duo’s latest effort continues to push these barriers, expanding on their entrancing mystic, while evolving their sound with an edgier attitude, teasing what will ultimately be the vibrant essence of their album, Eclipse. Kaskade takes “The This This” and completely makes it over, giving it a deeper complexion that is only further bolstered by the beautiful vocals of Williams. Deep, groovy, and house music at its best - there is no better way to describe Kaskade’s remix of this track. You get a free download with the purchase of Eclipse on iTunes, so make sure you grab it!

3. M A N I K - Nightfall ft. Eli & Fur (Original Mix)

Since his Culprit​ debut back in 2010, M A N I K​ has become one of the LA imprint’s signature artists and the one whose growth as a producer closely mirrored the label’s own rise. A New York native, M A N I K​ has become even closer to Culprit​ in 2014 – physically, by moving to its home base of Los Angeles. “Nightfall” is an analogue house workout with an inventive bassline, crisp percussion and ethereal vocals that combine for one of the most distinct songs in Culprit​’s catalogue in some time.

4. EDX - Remember House

Coming off of a year which saw him release chart-dominating hits and take over the US with his “Progression of Sound” tour, EDX kicked off 2015 with serious gusto for 'Remember House' - a punchy club construction that signals a departure from his signature sound. Layering a deep bassline with infectious hi-hats, synth quivers, and the old school-sounding vocal of 'Do You Remember House?', EDX hints at a new musical direction for 2015. Whilst keeping his trademark, up-beat progressive stylings, 'Remember House' comes through with heaps of energy of a modern club banger. If this is the direction that the talented Swiss veteran is taking with his music, we couldn’t be happier.

5. Justin Jay - You Give Me Butterflies

The last pick for this week’s Staff Picks comes courtesy of the youngest dirtybird, Justin Jay. Even as he’s wrapping up his last semester in college, Justin has found time in the studio, rather his bedroom studio, to deliver his fourth solo EP, Momentum, which is slated to be released on Pets Recordings, the record label founded by his fellow dirtybird, Catz N Dogz. A departure from the darker side of Justin that was exhibited in his remix of the Disciples’ “They Don’t Know,” “You Give Me Butterflies” shows off the cheery, happy, and goofy side of Justin Jay that we all know and love. With spring break right around the corner, there’s no better track to blast on the beach as run around without a care in the world.

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