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10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 44

No amount of soap in the world can save you from these scummy drops.

10. Northern Lights - Unfinished Business VIP

You better be ready to make some extra room in your belly, because you are about to ingest so much crunchy bass that even a never-ending supply of Pepto-Bismol could not settle your stomach. Although Northern Lights only consists of one member these days, all of their work to date has been created with influences from both representatives in the now former duo. Two dubheads are always better than one, am I right? In case you were in need of some evidence to back up that theory, I have a hunch that this mammoth VIP of “Unfinished Business” will certainly exceed your expectations. Distributed as a gift after the release of The Contingency EP, the drops in this stone-cold freebie are awfully frightening. Having said that, I know you fearless bunch of dubstep fiends will not think twice about devouring this mouthwatering tune.

9. Against Humanity - Intoxicated (Synapse Remix)

Iannis Blank, formerly one half of Monkey Freakz, is now trying his luck at producing all on his own - and if his remix of Against Humanity’s “Intoxicated” is any indicator, this mere mortal has a massive step-up on the competition. Now going under the moniker of Synapse, for one of the first times ever we get to witness what this musician is truly capable of achieving. Oh, and guess what? I love the results. Surprise of the century, right? Well, probably not. Unless this whole dirty drop concept still sounds foreign to you. Shifting our focus back towards the track in question, you do not have to have a Harvard education to determine that these in-your-face drops are way too filthy for their own good. Sign up for the Synapse show while you still can, because registration is filling up quickly.

8. Panda Eyes & DatPhoria - Keep Going (Ft. Cozy) (Phantom Sage & Velibus Remix)

There is nothing I enjoy more in this crazy bass business than stumbling upon phenomenal music from relatively unknown musicians. The names Phantom Sage and Velibus are probably not a part of your everyday dubstep vocabulary yet, but based on this stunning remix of Panda Eyes and DatPhoria’s “Keep Going,” it will not be long until you find yourself sprinting to the top of Mt. Everest to shout their praises for the entire universe to hear. I’d like to point out that the original version of this track has been one of my favorite EDM compositions unleashed in the last few months. Period. With the pitch-perfect vocals of Cozy - which share a striking resemblance to Diamond Eyes - escorting you through every drop’s wild twists and turns, this bone-rattling banger takes you on a joyride unlike no other. Do yourself a solid and find out what all the fuss is about.

7. The Glitch Mob - Skullclub (Emalkay Remix)

Whenever Emalkay comes out of hiding, the dubstep community puts everything else on a hold for a brief moment. Sure, this producer does not release material with the same frequency that he did a few years ago, but if anything, that has made his loyal minions appreciate every piece of his artwork he distributes even more. You can not even begin to imagine how I reacted when I first got word that he would be one of the many talented musicians to have a track featured on The Glitch Mob’s Love Death Immortality (Remixes) album. I was ecstatic. Over the moon. Literally beside myself. Do you understand? This is Emalkay we are talking about here people. Songs like “Fabrication” and “When I Look At You” were crucial elements in my basshood maturation process. I would not be here, writing to you right now, if it were not for this man. As for the drops in this “Skullclub” remix, they are darker than any Stephen King novel ever crafted - but I’m sure you could have guessed that. Please show some respect for a true dubstep don.

6. Habstrakt - Habby9000

Everybody’s favorite uncle is back in town. With Pt. 1 of his Cool Cats Never Die EP making the rounds recently, this outside-the-box musician has been thrust back into the EDM spotlight - and it has never shined brighter. Not one to crack under pressure, Habstrakt stands tall with a pair of powerful dubstep tunes from his latest Never Say Die release. “Hello” is more of a straight up ear-shredder, whereas “Habby9000” is the quintessential ‘drop all your shit and rage like there is no tomorrow’ type of track. Designed around a fierce lead synth and ingenious percussion, the drops in the latter are certified dancefloor-decimators. I mean, c’mon people, when Skrillex begins rinsing out your original songs in front of gigantic festival crowds, it must mean that you are doing something right. Clearly all the hard work and long hours that Habby has poured into his creations are finally paying off. The sky is far from the limit when it comes to this breakthrough producer.

5. Stereoliez (Ft. Gravity & Ceri) - Steeze (xKore Remix)

We already featured a bomb tune from Emalkay earlier in the countdown, and now we’ve got an absolute murker on our hands, courtesy of xKore. Could Vol. 44 get any better? I don’t think so - and we still have four other tracks to cover. Man, did somebody crank up the heat in here? Because it’s starting to feel like a bit of a bass music sauna. Perfectly incorporating the vocals from one most well-respected MC’s that dubstep has to offer in Gravity, xKore does an absolute number on this hip-hop slayer from Stereoliez. Revamping the original version with much more of a ‘no-fucks-given’ kind of attitude, this downright nasty dubstep interpretation is significantly more impressive than anybody could have ever possibly fathomed. Drops sinister enough to swipe your soul do not show up in my inbox very often, but I can assure you that this ear-spinner definitely contains a couple of them. xKore is as raw and real as dirty dubstep gets.

4. Northern Lights - Don't Stop

Typically I would not flinch when it came to including a song of this magnitude in the top three spots of our weekly dubstep convention. However, due to unforeseen circumstances - aka tons of massive releases - I was handcuffed into placing this Northen Lights neuralyzer into our #4 position on our charts. Please do not get it twisted people, because if you make the boneheaded mistake of underestimating the seismic drops in this rowdy thrill ride of a tune, you might never forgive yourself. Right now, you are probably thinking to yourself, ‘wait, that name Northern Lights looks eerily familiar.’ Well, you are not crazy. And yes, this is the second appearance on this week’s edition for these bass-oriented badmen. Supported by Blacklight Audio, “Don’t Stop” essentially served as the stabilizing force on the duo’s four-track Contingency EP. Northern Lights are about to shine so bright that the entire world takes notice.

3. Code: Pandorum & Acting Damage - Anaklasis (Acting Damage VIP)

The last time we ran into a head-on collision with Acting Damage, it was his remix of Trilla’s “Total Fuckup” that left us lying motionless in a hospital bed, within inches of our lives. I guess that little scare was just not good enough for him though, because this musically-inclined maniac just continues to take hard dubstep into previously unexplored territory. Every time I feel like I finally have his style pegged down, he manages to summon up bass music fireballs that belong on a blaring surround sound system somewhere in the depths of the underworld. This time around, he delivers a bone-breaking beatdown with his mean muggin’ VIP of “Anaklasis.” Showcased alongside three other exceptionally heavy tracks on Code: Pandorum’s The Order (Remixes) EP, I have good reason to believe that this particular tune possesses the most terrifying drops of the bunch. Can we all just agree that it would be in everyone’s best interest to take a flyer on Acting Damage? Thank you.

2. Gh0sh - All Talk

Next to names like AR The Bushmaster & SampliFire, Gh0sh might be next in line to take over the dubstep game. I have been keen on this youngster’s distinct sound for quite awhile now, and every time he reveals new tunes, I’m immediately taken aback. After generating plenty of buzz with his Gun Fingah Skank and Ganja Kitten EP’s, this producer strikes again with “All Talk.” Playing a lead role on I Am Audio’s New Blood compilation, Gh0sh headlines a pack of promising musicians that features the likes of Huffa, Rakket, and Rapture 4D. I could easily field an all-rookie dubstep squad from that incredibly deep roster. Highlighted by its four savage drops, this eardrum-impaler will tear right through you. Get ready to say, ‘oh my Gh0sh,’ when you hit that sneaky play button.

1. Forbid - Zealot

To award our #1 slot to anybody other than this flourishing producer would be a complete slap in the face. Trust me, I did not have to think very hard, or very long, before placing “Zealot” into our most coveted ranking. Ever since this grime-filled tune started ravaging sets of unsuspecting speakers, the “Yasuo” comparisons just keep on rolling in. Sure, I can see the similarities - but you would be short-changing Forbid by classifying this track as such. With riddim becoming more and more watered down over time, the dubstep subgenre has without question shed some of its originality. That being said, I still love this stuff. And when it’s constructed properly, you might as well throw up your hoodie, turn off all the lights, and dance around like it’s your freaking job. The dome-wrecking drops in this showstopper of a song are on a mission to concuss any innocent civilians that dare cross their path. Forbid is about to hit you like a freight train.

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