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Nickelback Releases Dance Influenced Single, “She Keeps Me Up”

Nickelback is a rock act with more than enough jokes associated with its brand. The four-piece Canadian group is back with a single that is distinctly different than their usual sound, taking a dance spin to their track, “She Keeps Me Up.” The familiar raspy vocals of Chad Kroger are juxtaposed by guitar and drum riffs that are more than obviously reminiscent of a sultry Maroon 5 song.

Perhaps this is a better direction than where the group was headed with their signature sound, but we will let you be the judge after checking out their music video. Pay attention to the lyrics as well and see if you can actually discern the message of the single. “She Keeps Me Up” is from Nickelback’s eighth studio album “No Fixed Address.”

Will there be a ninth album after this one? The world may never know…but at least this single is funky, right? Anyone?

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