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EDM.com Spotlight

Kygo Unveils Debut Music Video

Norwegian producer Kygo may still be somewhat new to the game, but he has swiftly taken the tropical house scene and EDM world by storm. He just released his debut music video for the track "Firestone" featuring Conrad Sewell. The track is Kygo's first original production since "Laber Bris" and "Epsilon" and comes after a slew of successful remixes that went viral, including the remix of Ed Sheeran's, "I See Fire," which is available for free download on SoundCloud.

"Firestone" fits right in with what we've come to expect from Kygo. The lush instrumentation and echoey vocals harken listeners back to the sun-drenched days of summer while the piano interlude reminds listeners of Kygo's classically trained musicianship. It just goes to show that Kygo is well-equipped to fold live elements into an electronic track like Disclosure and other new house artists. The video matches the romantic tone of the song, telling a story of lost lovers desperate to reunite amidst a sea of fans and festival-goers. To see how they fare, check out the official music video below.

Kygo's video debut is soon to be followed by the debut of an all new live show. 

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