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EDM.com Spotlight

Apple Carplay Brings iTunes Radio & Spotify To Your Car

Apple has made major contributions to the music industry, drastically impacting the way consumers listen to and purchase music. Who could forget the iPod, which made MP3 players a go-to device for music fans? Or iTunes, the music store that offers nearly every imaginable album or song release? During Apple's most recent Keynote, the company announced plans to roll out yet another innovative piece of technology for improving the way we consume music on the go: Apple CarPlay. The new service aims to remove the necessity of streaming music in a car via an aux cable, working entirely from Apple devices.

Watch an Apple CarPlay video review below:

The Apple CarPlay app will allow owners of iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 devices to use the Siri software to control music via a car's built-in display. The app works with iTunes RadioSpotifyBeats Music and other streaming platforms. CarPlay will allow users to make calls, send texts and access maps. All major car companies have signed on to support Apple CarPlay, including Honda, Toyota, Nissan and more.

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