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EDM.com Spotlight

EDM Culture Brand of the Month: Electric Family

The Electric Family brand is a cultural movement that is founded on the pillars of music, family, and philanthropy. Dedicated to changing the way the world sees dance music through their artist-collaborated bracelet series or their "Do Good" charity events, Electric Family has proven that they are truly an EDM Culture Brand.

Started in 2012, co-founders Steve BrudzewskiDrew Nilon, and Matt Dronkers came together with the belief that both music and charity changes lives for the better, and if they were combined, it would have an unparalleled effect on the industry and culture as a whole. The medium for all of this was an artist-collaborated bracelet, or a custom bracelet that was sponsored by a renowned artist and supported a charity of their choice through its proceeds.

After purchasing a website and hosting booths at a few festivals, Electric Family launched its inaugural bracelet with the illustrious Canadian duo Adventure Club to immediate fanfare. Shortly after, other artists starting reaching out such as Krewella and Danny Avila, and today they are the point of pairing with multiple artists a month for their bracelet series.

In addition to their bracelet series, Electric Family also provides a surplus of modern and dance music-influenced clothing including jackets, pants, headbands, and even pins and keychains.

The lifestyle brand has paired their principal clothing line with artists and labels as well, most recently teaming with the artist collective Hegemon to release a limited supply series of streetwear. Other artists that have coordinated limited edition products are Adventure Club, Big GiganticJAUZDr. FreschSNBRNMijaGhastly, and more.

Check out the Hegemon Collective gear here.

Look out for the new "Stay Gold" clothing collaboration with Adventure Club dropping on 3/14 at 3pm PST here.

Electric Family has undoubtedly set a precedent for other clothing brands in dance music, but arguably their biggest success has come from their "Do Good" charity events. With community and music in mind, the lifestyle brand has hosted a number of charitable gatherings featuring top-tier artists and volunteers alike, all with the same goal of helping the community.

The first "Do Good" event was hosted at the Los Angeles Food Bank, where Adventure Club came and lead a group of volunteers to package and ship food donations for the poor or underprivileged. It was the first time that the LA Food Bank was over capacity in over 40 years, and the event was followed by another equally successful gathering in Denver featuring the renowned duo Big Gigantic and a third in LA with Krewella. With more events already scheduled, there is little time that Electric Family isn't spending helping the community.

Watch the recap from their latest "Do Good" event with Krewella below - 

With so much support thus far from artists and dance music fans alike, Electric Family is truly changing the way people label and define the dance music community. The future of Electric Family stands bright with their continued devotion to furthering their brand, their scene, and inevitably their world, so be sure to check out their website and store for their modern streetwear and keep up with them on social media to become more involved!


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