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EDM.com Spotlight

Dubset Media Holdings to Put the Crunch on DJ Mix Royalties

NYC tech firm Dubset Media Holdings (DMH) has rolled out a series of services geared towards publishers, labels, artists and DJs that is bound to carry far-reaching implications within the EDM community. Tasking itself with the challenge of “solving the complexities behind proper rights-holder identification, licensing and distribution associated with derivative content,” the company has spent over half a decade fine-tuning its business model before making its services accessible to the general public.

DMH estimates an untapped market of over $1.4 billion in potential music royalties  since January 1 of 2014, and offers a means for artists, labels and other publishers to collect their share. Its MixBANK Content Registry & Platform is an online library through which artists and managers can upload content and access analytics about its distribution, and MixSCAN is a proprietary technology designed to identify each registered track’s usage across several online platforms through audio fingerprinting. While much of the company’s resources are presented as a tool for the greater music industry, it makes its obvious applications in the dance music world clear; the words “DJ” and “mix” are prevalent throughout the website with its core team members’ favorite genres ranging from “chill” to “future bounce.”


The dilemma of rights holders remains a hot point of contention within the music industry. It's especially been controversial in EDM as the big four record labels’ stranglehold over music distribution has been contested by the proliferation of music streaming services like SoundCloud and MixCloud. Artists such as Pretty Lights have embraced and benefited from the paradigm shift by releasing all music for free. On the other end of the spectrum, several continue to speak out on the injustices associated with music sharing like Baauer famously did upon receiving little to no royalties for “Harlem Shake” after it went viral in 2013.

At the time it unfurled its services, DMH was able to track releases from over 21,000 artists registered in MixBANK. Tell us how you think DMH's new music distribution platform will impact the industry and EDM culture in the comments.

Photo Credit: Dubset.com

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