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12th Planet Teases New Skrillex Track

Los Angeles-based dubstep/drum and bass mainstay 12th Planet has revealed a video from a live performance in which he is apparently playing an unreleased Skrillex ID. The following video, which was taken by photographer/videographer Steven Guzman of SxG Productions, was uploaded to 12th Planet's Instagram account earlier today: 

The ever-perceptive dubstep duo from Atlanta, Mantis, took notice and inquired about the track via Twitter, which elicited a nonchalant response from 12th Planet referring to it as "some new skril thing"...

While recently Skrillex has been tied up with Jack Ü, his project with trap icon Diplo, his previous work with 12th Planet makes it entirely possible that the track is a joint effort between the two artists. While no further information about the ID has been made available by either artist, will keep you posted. 

Photo Credit: Rukes

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