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Daft Punk Releases Remastered 'Electroma' Film Exclusively To TIDAL

A few days ago, Jay Z surprised everyone with the elaborate unveiling of his recently-purchased streaming service TIDAL. The new service streams its music in the high-quality lossless format and is co-owned by such dance icons as Calvin Harris, deadmau5 and Daft Punk, along with other big-name artists. The allure of the service comes from the exclusive content promised by its owners, and Daft Punk has already uploaded some to the platform. 

The 10th-anniversary edition of the 2006 film Electroma has been added to TIDAL, featuring never-before-seen footage and remastered picture quality. Electroma was the French duo's third film, following the previous D.A.F.T. and Interstella 5555 films released in conjunction with the Homework and Discovery albums, respectively. Electroma was the first Daft Punk film that did not incorporate any of the duo's music at all, rather the duo directed and co-wrote the film. This marks only the beginning of the exclusive content promised for TIDAL, as it attempts to incentivize curious music fans to adopt the service. 

Watch Electroma's remastered trailer below:

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