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Find Out How Ultra Prerecorded Set Rumors Were Debunked

In light of controversies over whether or not a handful of headliners were actually using their equipment during sets at Ultra Music Festival, Drew "Rukes" Ressler has taken to Twitter to put any remaining speculations to rest. Perhaps the EDM world's favorite photographer, Ressler is responsible for many of the iconic images of artists taken at events. After accusations surfaced over the weekend concerning prerecorded sets, Rukes was prompted to use his extensive documentation of the event towards yet more noble ends.

"I love all these idiots that say 'OMG THEIR EQUIPMENT IS OFF' who forget that I have photo evidence showing they are on," Ressler Tweeted on Monday. Shortly thereafter, he uploaded a "screen shot of a screen shot" of the decks used by Krewella - who had the most notorious accusation thrown their way by none other than progressive house anti-hero deadmau5. The shot swiftly proves that they were, in fact, plugged in.

He went on to defend Hardwell with the following Tweet:

A day later, he responded to accusations towards David Guetta with one more:

While Ressler was nice enough to upload the raw images to quell rumors, his full gallery of edited images from Ultra is still in the works.

Photo cover via wegotthiscovered.com

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